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ARC Energy Solutions. is proud to announce a successful solar panel installation for a private residence on Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA. We've been in the business for years now and we've always provided quality solar panels for our clients, from installations to maintenance, and cleaning, we're here to promote a better living with sustainable energy. 


Our client was happy that he transitioned to sustainable energy and help the cause in fighting climate change. However, just like most of our clients, he too had numerous questions regarding solar panels. Now in our Bakersfield showroom, we provide our potential clients with valuable information about solar energy and the questions that come with it. 


Our previous client asked questions such as "Do solar panels work in the rain?" and "Can you power an electric car with solar panels?". These two questions—as well as other frequent questions—are what we'd like to share today with those who can't visit our showroom.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Rain?

The simple answer is yes! The best way to explain this is by comparing solar panels to a well-known comic book superhero. And if you're thinking about Superman, then you're correct! Now just like Superman, solar panels or photovoltaic panels can still use indirect sunlight to generate their power. While Superman sometimes flies directly in front of the sun, your solar panel doesn't have to. It will still work even when clouds slightly block the light on a rainy day. 


However, your solar panel system will have reduced energy production, producing only 10% or 25% of its usual energy production. There is a silver lining of course. If you're living in Bakersfield or planning on moving there and installing a solar panel system for your home, take note that sunny days are in abundance in this city, 272 days in fact which is higher than the US average of 205 days. In addition, rain is also beneficial in washing away dirt and dust on your panels which may reduce your energy production! Now you may be thinking that a solar panel will be more expensive and produce less energy production than to have regular electricity if you're living in a city like Seattle or Salem. But there's a solution for that, Solar Batteries!

Saving Energy with Solar Batteries

This addition to your solar panel system is the perfect way to save up energy if you live in a city with frequent storms, rains, and cloudy days. As the name suggests, it stores the power from the power generated by your solar panel and lets you use that stored power when you need it the most, such as in the living conditions we've stated above. Now, this isn't only for rainy or cloudy days, a solar battery will also provide you power when there is an outage in your area.

Can You Power an Electric Car with Solar Panels?

Another frequently asked question from our clients with Electric vehicles is "Can You Power an Electric Car with Solar Panels?" And the answer is yes, you definitely can. But in order to do that is by installing an inverter as well as a charging station designed for Electric Vehicles.


While you can't directly feed power from the solar panel system to your Electric vehicle, having an inverter and charging station can. An inverter converts the energy the solar panel generates, feeding it into the electricity network at your home to power up the appliances or charge your electric vehicle. Now we've stated that in addition to an inverter, you need a charging station, and you do. A charging station allows you to control how much electricity you take from the solar panel to charge your electric vehicle, ensuring that you won't have to buy electricity from your utility company.

What Differentiates Commercial and Residential Solar Panels?

If you're thinking about installing solar panels on your house, you might be wondering what the difference is between residential and commercial solar panel systems. While the technology for residential and commercial panels is the same, a business with a solar panel system installed needs to have better energy production to compensate for its needs.


A business utilizes solar panel systems from well-known brands, such as RenewSys Solar, Axitec Solar, and more, that have been producing this technology for years but is usually more expensive. A commercial solar panel is also bigger, as it needs to compensate for the size and scale of the business. However, you can install a commercial solar panel for your home if you have enough space for your roof as well as don't mind the size.

Choose ARC Energy Solutions. for Our Solar Panel Installations!

We've taken the time today to discuss several topics about solar power, such as their ability to work in the rain, whether solar batteries save energy and if electric cars can be powered by a solar panel. We also discussed the differences between commercial and residential solar panels. Ultimately, it is clear that there are many benefits to installing a solar panel system - both for residential homes and businesses alike. They provide power when the sun doesn't shine, offer an environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional electrical output sources, and enable people to produce their own electricity instead of relying on external power plants. 


Should you want to invest in a set of solar energy systems, ARC Energy Solutions. should be your go-to choice. With competitive pricing, top-notch customer service, and certified technicians who will handle all aspects of installation safely, why wait? Let's work together and make this planet a greener place through our renewable energy initiatives! Visit our website or Bakersfield showroom today to learn more about renewable energy and how solar panels can benefit you! Choose ARC Energy Solutions. For Your Solar Panel Installations!


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