Residential Solar

Homes across Bakersfield, CA are making the solar transition to create a clean energy economy and contribute towards global climate change. Residential solar systems are becoming the need of the hour as they are the future of home energy production and considered a smart investment. Apart from being economical, solar power provides benefits to the environment. Our experienced solar consultants at Arc Energy Solutions. will provide the required help, support, and the best solar solutions for your energy consumption needs.

Battery Storage

Battery storage affords you more control over your energy, allowing you to store solar energy for power outages and emergency purposes. Some batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall, allow for more complete power, as well. The selection, purchase, and installation of your home battery can be complicated, especially if you have an existing solar power system. Our solar professionals at Arc Energy Solutions. will help you navigate this process and find a power storage solution that’s right for you.

Commercial Solar

At ARC Energy Solutions., we know that your business requires a system that you can rely on, year-in, year-out. We use high-quality components and provide ongoing servicing and a comprehensive performance guarantee for every installation. With ever-increasing energy costs, utilizing your roof space for solar power generation can prove to be a sensible decision. There are significant benefits of investing in commercial solar panels for businesses, industries, and enterprises. We simplify the whole process of commercial solar installation for you so that you can reap optimum benefits from solar power. With ARC Energy Solutions., you get smart solar power solutions, which are customized as per your energy consumption needs.

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Free estimates on custom solar solutions.

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