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ARC Energy Solutions. has achieved an incredible feat! Our team of talented technicians completed a stellar Enphase Solar Battery Backup Installation for one lucky homeowner in Bakersfield's Brimhall Rd. We take immense pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and this project is yet another example of our expertise!

Our client recently had a solar panel installation service for his home and after trying it out for a couple of weeks, he wanted more out of his solar panel system. He knew that adding a solar backup battery can provide him with the required electricity especially if there is a power outage. Thus he called the solar energy company that installed his solar panel systems, ARC Energy Solutions.

When we arrived at his home on Brimhall Rd, we immediately explained to him that rewiring is necessary when it comes to adding a solar backup battery to an existing solar panel system. It's because it makes sure that the output is correct and will not have any mishaps when it comes to procuring electricity. After a few weeks when ARC Energy Solutions installed the Enphase Solar Battery Backup, our client was amazed by the results that were even better than he expected which we will explain shortly. 

Is solar battery backup worth it?

After our client tested out his new solar backup batteries, he was surprised with the results as they provided him with more than he expected. Now is solar battery backup worth it if you already have an existing system? Well, ARC Energy Solutions. is here to provide you with the top three reasons why!

Keeps Your Home Lit Even on Power Outages 

There are several things that could happen when your solar-powered home suddenly experiences power outages. Your appliances may stop working, or you may lose connection to the internet or even your cable TV subscription. If you have solar batteries for your solar system, then you will be able to keep your lights on during power outages. This is important because it can save you from having to run to round around looking for candles just to light up your room.

The good thing about batteries is that they can be installed inside the house, which means that they are less prone to damage caused by water or humidity. A battery in a solar-powered home will give you hope and keep you safe during power outages. It's an important item that every solar homeowner should have in their home, considering the fact that there will be some instances when power outages occur.

Keeps Your Money In Your Pockets

If you need to pay more for electricity during peak hours, which is typically at 8-10 AM and 6-8 PM, and when the sun is not shining, you can rely on your battery power that was stored during the day instead of paying extra. In other words, if you're relying heavily on your solar panels to power your home, it's important that you have a backup system in place as well. This will allow you to be prepared when your solar panels fail to produce enough power because of a cloudy day or some other reason.

Keeps Your Home More Green

Solar panels are already a great start, but you can find ways to make your home even greener. Have you heard about solar backup batteries? The energy that is being produced from the solar panels is stored in these units so that it can be used at a time when there is no sunlight, like during nighttime. This means that there is less load on the electrical grids and less amount of energy needed for the production of the battery itself. These backup batteries help reduce your carbon footprint by a lot.

How long does a solar battery backup last?

When you're about to buy a solar battery backup for your home, you might have thoughts about how long it will last when it comes to a power outage, and what is the solar battery lifespan. We'll answer that question for you. First off, a solar backup battery can power up the basic parts of your home for 24 hours. But you must also know that when it comes to power outages, you can't just turn on the AC or heater all day long and expect your solar backup batteries to last for a day. 

Which comes to our next point, how large is the capacity of your solar backup batteries? If you only installed one, just like our client, it can power up the necessary appliances when a power outage occurs, like refrigerators, lights, kitchen, and cooking, but if you have multiple of these solar batteries, then you can definitely keep your AC on all day since it will store larger amounts of energy.

When it comes to the life expectancy of solar backup batteries, it usually lasts around 5 to 15 years. When our client asked about the life expectancy of his Enphase Solar Battery Backup, we told him that it lasts around 10 years and this unit will keep on running for years without fail. However, there are still factors that will affect your solar backup batteries' life span such as temperature and usage. 

If you live in a location where there is constant hot or cold weather, then you might want to ask your solar energy company where the best place is to put the solar batteries. And the second one is used as solar batteries evolve around discharging and charging that will eventually wear off over time. The best way to keep your solar batteries from overcharging and keeping them in prime condition is to look at the manual for the units' model and size to avoid straining the solar batteries. 

Choose Arc Energy To Install  Your Solar Backup Batteries!

At ARC Energy Solutions., our solar battery backup installation experts ensure that your solar energy systems are always operating at their full potential, and we’ll do so with honesty and integrity. We’ll help you choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and needs, from the Enphase Solar Battery Backup to the Tesla Powerwall. Our solar experts will walk you through every step of the process, including choosing equipment, permitting requirements, and power storage options for your system. We have a complete inventory of inverters, panels, batteries, and other components in our Bakersfield showroom to let you test-drive the equipment that will be used in your specific installation. 

We want to make sure that you’re making the right decision for your home and family—we’ll provide as much information as possible about the operation of your system so that you can fully understand it before making a final choice. You’ll get quality service from start to finish when you visit our Bakersfield solar showroom. We also offer services such as residential solar panel installation, commercial solar panel installation, panel cleaning, and more! If you'd like to see what this is all about or have any questions or concerns about how it works, get in touch with one of our solar experts!


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