Top California Solar Incentives in 2022 You Should Know

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Top California Solar Incentives in 2022 You Should Know

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important as we move towards a more sustainable future.
California is one of the leaders in solar energy, with a variety of incentive programs that offer
benefits to homeowners, businesses, and government organizations. These incentives include
financial rebates, tax credits, and net metering. If you’re interested in going solar, California is
the place to be!

The benefits of solar energy are becoming more and more apparent as we move towards a
more sustainable future, so if you’re an eco-conscious citizen looking for ways to integrate solar
solutions, then it’s worth staying on top of the top solar incentives that can help make your
efforts a more rewarding experience.

What are the Solar Incentives You Should Know in California?

1. Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Also known as the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO), Property-Assessed Clean
Energy (PACE) financing is a new way for homeowners to finance energy improvements to their
homes. PACE financing allows homeowners to borrow money from a private lender to pay for
solar panels, insulation, or any other energy improvements.

The loan is then attached to the homeowner’s property and repaid through property taxes. This
means that the homeowner can enjoy the benefits of improved energy efficiency without having
to worry about making monthly payments.

There are many different PACE financing programs available in California, so it’s essential to do
your research before choosing one.

2. Property Tax Exclusion For Solar Energy Systems

Homeowners who install solar energy systems may be eligible for a property tax exclusion.
California allows homeowners to exclude the value of their solar energy system from their
taxable property value, meaning that its installation won’t cause your property’s taxes to

This can ease the burden of shouldering the costs, especially if the solar energy system is
expensive. To qualify for the property tax exclusion, the solar energy system must meet specific
requirements. For example, it must be installed by a licensed contractor, and it must be
connected to the grid. You can find more information on eligibility requirements and how to
apply on the BOE website.

3. Solar For Affordable Housing

The Solar for Affordable Housing (SASH) program provides financial incentives to low-income
single-family homeowners who install solar panels. The incentive is worth $3 per watt and is

available to eligible households in the PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E territories, wherein GRID
Alternatives administer the program.

4. Net Energy Metering

Net metering is a system that compensates solar energy customers for the extra energy they
produce and give to the utility. With net metering, customers can get credit for the energy they
produce, increasing rooftop solar’s value.

New customers who want to participate in the NEM program must size their PV system to meet
their energy needs. They will then be able to receive a bill credit for the excess energy that their
system produces and exports to the grid. The amount of the credit will depend on when the
system was installed.

The Bottom Line: Joining the Switch to Solar with the Help of California’s Financial
Incentives in 2022

The cost of solar has been dropping rapidly in recent years and is now a more affordable option
for many homeowners. In addition to the monetary savings you can enjoy from going solar,
several financial incentives are available in California that can make the switch to solar even
more appealing. If you’re considering going solar, now is a great time to do it.

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