Is Solar Panel Installation Possible On A Tile Roof?

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The unique design and price of your solar panel will depend on a variety of things when you’re ready to put solar panels on your home. 

Different roof types call for various installation procedures. 

For instance, lightweight tile roofs can provide particular difficulties and requirements for a solar installer. Before incorporating solar energy into your tile roof, you should know the following.

What Makes Solar Installations on Thin-Tile Roofs Special?

The west and southwest of the US are home to many cement and clay tile roofs, also referred to as Spanish tile or terra cotta tile. This type of tile is typically connected with these three shapes: “W,” “S,” or flat tile.

Lightweight tiles are those that weigh less than nine pounds per square foot. Have you ever attempted maintenance or repairs while walking across your tile roof? 

These tiles are brittle and readily shatter, so you’ve likely damaged several of them in the process.

Trying to put solar panels directly on top of a thin tile roof is not advisable. These tiles may endure severe weather well, but they are not made to withstand the strain of additional pressure. 

During the solar installation procedure, breaks or fractures may appear. 

If this happens, the integrity of your roof may be compromised, which could result in leaks and other property damage. 

Drilling through these tiles may also cause harm to the underlayment, the underlying layer of your roof that serves as additional protection beneath tiles or shingles.

Individual tiles may be removed by some solar installers and then replaced with specialized tile replacement mounts. 

Lightweight tiles left in place pose a concern, even if this procedure may be effective for heavyweight tiles.

Even if this installation technique is used and solar panels are mounted without tile breakage, future problems could still arise. 

Due to the fragility of lightweight tiles, vibrations caused by wind passage between the panels and the racking system resting on top of the tiles can lead to future catastrophes.

How Are Solar Panels Installed on Tile Roofs?

Highly effective solar panels can be mounted on a light tile roof using an inset solar system, also called a “comp-out.”

Although it may increase the time and cost of your solar installation, this method will give you long-term durability and help you avoid potential home damage.

During this procedure, a roofing expert replaces the old tile roof with new composite shingles in the region where the solar array will be situated. 

Transitions are reinforced with sheet metal known as flashing and sealed to ensure the roof is waterproof.

A solar specialist installs the solar array on the composite shingle surface. 

Particularly when compared to the risk for unintentional damage to delicate, lightweight tiles, it is unlikely that composite shingle damage that could result in a damaged roof will occur.

The region around the solar array is filled in with the previously removed tiles after solar installation on the composite shingles is finished. This gives the solar array the appealing look of being incorporated into the roof.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Inset Solar Panels?

The costs related to solar-necessary upgrades of comp-outs may qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, just like other roof replacements that are a part of the solar installation process.

Due to how they seem overall, inset installations are popular among homeowners. 

It creates a low-profile style frequently employed on new home designs when solar energy is predetermined, giving the impression that the house was constructed with solar power in mind. 

The leftover tiles taken from your roof for the composite shingle installation are also yours to keep and can be used for other projects or repairs in the future.


A solar panel system in Bakersfield can be installed on tile roofs, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the panels must be mounted on a frame to provide stability. Second, the tiles will need to be reinforced to support the weight of the panels. Third, the panels will need to be connected to the home’s electrical system. Fourth, installing solar panels on a tile roof can be expensive.

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